How do i setup my MSN email on my android phone

Steps to get MSN email on my Android phone

You can follow below steps to get MSN on your Android Phone:

  1. First you need to go to “Settings” and then Mail, contacts; calendars and now you need to tap “Add account” here in your Android phone.
  2. After that select here.
  3. Next you are required to enter your MSN email address, password and the description of your account. The description is the name of this particular email inbox in the mail app, after you have completed the set up. Now you need to tap “Next” when you are done with this step.
  4. In the next step you have to select what MSN data you want to have access to your Android Phone. Here you can choose to sync your email, contacts, colanders and reminders with MSN. You should note that if don’t choose any option here then by default everything is turned on. You can tap “Done” after selecting your option.
  5. Now you can go to the Mail application on your Android Phone. You should be able to see your new MSN account here which you just created.
  6. You can Sync now by choosing “Mail days to sync”. By default it only syncs one week’s email with your Android Phone, but you can choose different time duration also. For this you need to go back to go to “Settings > Mail, contacts, calendars > MSN > Mail days to sync”. Now you can choose how many days you want your emails to be synced with your Android Phone. You also have the option to choose “No Limits” if you want to have access to all your emails.

You can follow steps given above to get MSN on your Android phone.

This is how you can get MSN email on your Android Phone.

MSN technical support number

If while using MSN you are facing technical issue with your MSN account then you can dial MSN technical support number which is available 24/7 for instant help. You can dial here and get the solution to your issue with MSN account.

MSN customer service number

MSN is free web based email service provider and is a popular choice among internet users. You can use it as it is very strong platform. MSN offers you multiple features also creating lot of advantage for you. But in case you are facing any issue with your MSN account or you need some information about MSN then you don’t need to bother too much. You have MSN customer service team to help you all the time. So you should dial MSN customer service number 24/7 for instant help.


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