How to set up MSN email on Outlook 2013

Steps to set up MSN email on Outlook 2013

Outlook is part of Microsoft, so you can set up MSN email on Outlook 2013 easily. After you open 2013 for the first time after you installed it then a window will ask you to set up your email account. You can click Yes and proceed. But if you already have Outlook set up and now you want to add account like MSN email on Outlook 2013 then you can click + Add account and follow below steps:

1.       You will see a window showing Auto Account setup and Manual Setup. You need to click Manual setup and click Next to proceed.

2.       In the next window you will be asked to choose your email service. You need to select POP or IMAP and then click Next.

3.       In the next window you can setup your MSN email settings as below:

a.       You need to enable POP in MSN.

b.      Login to your MSN email account.

c.       Then click on Configuration button at the bottom.

d.      After that select More mail settings.

e.      Then select connect devices and apps with POP.

f.        Next you need to enable POP and select what you want when accessing POP emails.

g.       now enter your name : your name like James Collin

h.      Then enter your email :

4.       Next enter following data:

a.       Your username: James Collin

b.      email address:

c.       account type: POP3

d.      incoming mail server:

e.      outgoing mail server (SMTP) :

f.        Enter your login information username and password.

5.       In the next window choose Outgoing server tab and click ‘ Use same settings as my incoming mail server’ and then click ‘OK’.

6.       In the same window in ‘Advanced’ tab enter following as below:

a.       Incoming server POP3: 995

b.      Outgoing server SMTP : 587

7.       Then click OK to complete the process.

You can follow above mentioned steps to set up MSN email on Outlook 2013.

MSN technical support number

MSN is Microsoft service and when you creat an account with MSN then you can use it on all devices like PC, Mobile and so on. But what if there is a technical glitch with MSN which you wan to get rid of immediately. Well, you can connect to MSN technical support number and ask the solution to your technical issue.

MSN password recovery number

Likewise when you are looking for some information which you can use to use MSN account in a better way then you can get support on support page of Microsoft. But if you are not comfortable there then you can dial MSN password recovery number and ask the customer service representative to provide you the information or service you are looking for. The guy on the other side would happily offer you the required help.


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