How to use MSN messenger

Steps to use MSN messenger

Windows Live messenger, which is widely known as "MSN Messenger" is one of the most popular ways to talk to your friends, colleagues, or relatives that you like or don’t like. You can follow below steps to use MSN messenger:

  1. First you should get a free email address which you can get from Hotmail by clicking sign up and then free.
  2. Now download the MSN messenger from the download website and click on ‘Get free’.
  3. Now you can launch MSN messenger.
  4. Now log in to your MSN messenger account.
  5. Now you can add a contact, a person to talk to, by clicking "Add A Contact" on the Contacts menu.
  6. When or if the person is online, you will see a green figure will appear beside their name in your contact list. You can double click on their name and type a greeting into the lower rectangular box.
  7. Now you can easily engage in conversation if they reply.

You know that MSN messenger is quite a popular chat messenger using which one can chat to people across the world. People love to download and use MSN messenger online. So, you would like to know steps to use MSN messenger. Well, you can follow above mentioned steps to use MSN messenger to talk to people you like or don’t like.

MSN customer care number

When you are stuck with an issue with your MSN account then you should look for MSN customer care for help. For you and all MSN users the MSN customer care number is available which you can use to get desired help from the MSN customer care team.

MSN technical support number

MSN allows you get technical support in every possible way. You have the option to search for the help by typing your topic of search on MSN website’s support section. You can also leave your question mentioning the technical issue that you are facing here in the “Ask the community section”. You can also contact MSN Technical support team by filling up a form. Then you also have the choice to dial Microsoft technical support number any time any day and the MSN technical support team will tell you how to get help instantly. They will give you all the information that you need related to your account or latest Microsoft product information, updates and soon.


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